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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My two brothers and I are in the van again, driving through a desert. We stop at what appears to be a gas station but turns into a grey stone wall with a water spick et and three different sized plastic water bottles glued to the wall. Mike drops in coins into a coin slot I didn't notice. He says he wants the medium sized water bottle and it is instantaneously dispensed from the wall, somehow. Water begins to spew out of somewhere, Mike keeps handing Gabe and I empty jugs, which we wrap our arms around and hold under the blasting water supply. We are laughing and trying to avoid the water in our face.

Now I am with my sister Sasha at our old house in Maryland. The man that used to be my stepfather is smoking a cigarette outside in the driveway and making comments about the carvings in the trees and how his grandfather did them with his pocket knife. I am standing in the driveway and Sasha is yelling at me and walking into the house. I am holding the car keys to the van which is parked parallel to the house. I walk inside and she grabs my keys, insulting me under her breath and storms out.

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