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Sunday, September 5, 2010

9/4 & 9/5.


I shifted in and out of the perspective of a gold and blue droid. There was a price on my head and I was being held captive by a group of bounty hunters. I woke with my wrists and ankles bound, my body was thrown against a wall of what seemed to be an ill lighted supply room. From overhearing conversation from the men across from me, I knew we were underground. I saw an elevator on the other side of the men. The floor indicated we were 58 floors under. The men were debating whether to turn me in for the reward money or to clip my wires and let my power drain out into nothingness. In the 3rd person perspective, I knew the droid/I had done something terrible to offend these men and possibly all human kind.
One of them began to approach me, I switched back into 1st person view. I lowered my remaining power levels to appear completely unconscious. He grabbed me by my bicep and dragged me a little ways, shouting to the others about how he wanted to cut my wires. In a swift single movement he flipped out a long, sharp blade and cut through my exterior shell and several wires that were linked to my arm. I lost feeling in the arm. The other men got riled up by his actions. He dropped me and walked back into their group, shouting in their faces.
That's when I saw it--a single match by my remaining active hand. I scanned the room, still appearing unconscious, and laid my desperate eyes on what would be my way out of this mess. Four stacks of dynamite against the wall adjacent to my body.



I am myself, with my older brother Michael and younger brother Gabriel. We are driving through a desert in a van with all windows down. Sand blows through the windows and stings my face, gets imbedded in the roots of my hair. We make a couple stops at what appears to be gas stations.

We are running through a grocery store. Every aisle is filled with exotic spices, every person in the store besides us is speaking Spanish, yet the signs of the store are in English. I'm wearing only brown underwear, calf high boots and a jacket. A small boy is holding my hand and dragging me to a room where he says I'll meet Monet. The ceilings get higher and darker, looking more like a warehouse rather than a grocery store. As we're running I pass my brother Gabriel who yells 'Fia! Dad's here!' I turn my head and I see my father standing in a group of men dressed in military wear. My father nods in acknowledgement of my presence but does not come after me. The dark skinned, spanish speaking boy and I arrive at the room. The walls are lined with water tanks filled with various underwater creatures like sharks and squids. There's a bubbling hot tub in the center of the room. A large flat screen t.v. is hanging from the ceiling, playing a black and white film with endless ocean waves crashing against a shore. My brother Gabriel appears behind me, staring up at the screen.
"It means the world will end next week. The first moon will arrive over New Zealand and we'll all be destroyed from a tidal wave."


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