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Friday, November 26, 2010


I was in a harbor town walking around. I walked up to a house that resembled my old house in Maryland. As I walked up the driveway I saw hundreds and hundreds of jets appear in the sky and hover low to the ground. They had a Japanese flag painted on the side. Soon, American military men began pouring from the house, guns ready. The jets began firing missiles and guns at us. I thought that the next world war was happening. I ran past the house to the back deck, which was elevated very high from the ground. Lush forest met the deck. I ran along the back of the house, trying to look for a door to inside of the house so I could hide in a room. I saw a Native American Indian standing at the end of the deck. He smiled and laughed and then pointed behind me, then raised his bow and arrow. A Japanese soldier was firing bullets at me. I had no choice, so I jumped off the deck and fell, and fell, and fell for what seemed an endless amount of time.

When I regained controlled consciousness, I was riding a bicycle on a flattened down grass path in a field. There were many people around me traveling on foot, some on bicycle as well. We can to a forked path in the field. The grass had grown taller and I could not see where the paths led to. Only a green sign stood aside the right path and read Fort Worth. I remembered that I had lived there before, and it might as well be home. A middle aged man in a light brown suit with white whiskery hair smiled and wished me good luck.
As I arrived in town on my bicycle, everything seemed very strange. People were dressed differently and there were fewer buildings around. I parked my bike at a high school and decided to go inside and inquire about the town. As I entered, kids were changing classes and bustling about the hallways. I recognized a few faces but they were all very young versions of what I remembered to be familiar. A homecoming banner was hanging in the hallway that read 'HOMECOMING 1949'.
My younger brother Gabriel emerged from a classroom and was shocked to see me. I told him what happened and we rushed out of the school. He had an apartment that was much more modern than the rest of the town. He said not to talk to anyone for they would never believe that I was from the future.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I am sitting in a high school chemistry lab. The girl across the table from me is my partner. She has a melancholy attitude and fiddles absentmindedly with the Bunsen burner. I ask her what is wrong.
"My boyfriend and I broke up..."
"I'm sorry to hear. Why did you guys break up?"